To Clothe or Not to Clothe?

Nudism has been around the universal dog community for pretty much the entire history of dogs, but the trend is now tilting towards a more human-like approach and the arrival of pet apparel is surely here to stay. It isn’t rare to spot pups strolling around the street in a stylish jumper with sophisticated accessories in sync with the hottest trends from the New York Fashion Week.

But dogs, like every model out there, are picky with the wardrobe selections. Angus, for example, loves to wear loose t-shirt made with breathable material, but headwear is an absolute no no. Since nudism has been around for so long, it might be a good idea to start light and go with something simple if you want to introduce this idea to your pup, for example a loose fit/lightweight t-shirt. Gradually work your way up and only add more layers when your pup is slowly but surely starting to accept this fashion trend. An effective rewarding system might help expedite this process, as positive reinforcement is always your ‘go-to’ trick when it comes to forming any kinds of habits.

Determining what type of clothes your pup needs, or whether there is any need at all – could be a tough call. Look below for some general guidelines for us pet parents who don’t have much of an idea.


Not all dogs are equally blessed in the hair department – some have enough fur to tolerate cold weather and some don’t. Intuitively, pups that are hairless/with short or thin hair are less resistant to a drop in temperature compared to dogs with thick, fluffy coats. On the contrary, double coated dogs are less likely to encounter the problem of regulating body temperature, as the extra layer not only provides insulation but also helps retain heat. For instance, it would be excessive for Huskies and Burmese Mountain Dogs to wear clothes as it might lead to overheating.


Granny dogs, especially ones that have recently undergone surgeries, might experience difficulty in keeping warm. Help them out by equipping them with a fleece jumper or sweater. It will make their day!


Dogs that are smaller in size and with lower body fat ratio (think toy-size Poodle and Italian Greyhound) generally have harder time retaining heat compared to bigger dogs with higher body fat ratio. Throwing on an extra layer could really help them sustain body temperature when they are out for walks in cold, snowy weather.

Quick tip: if you are unsure whether your pup has enough clothing to keep warm indoor, opt for a blanket as he/ she can easily snuggle up and hide under it when it is too cold.


Having the right fit is crucial for maximum comfort (and style!) for your pup. However, it could be difficult especially when shopping online. Remember three magic numbers – neck width, chest width and length. Neck width and chest width refer to the circumferences of your pup’s neck and chest respectively, whereas the length measures the distance between the neck to the base of the tail.


What stylish pet apparel could potentially be the OOTD every day? Look no further than our Everyday Hoodie. This zip-up diamond-patterned quilted hoodie features a stylish charcoal grey fabric with matching ribbings. It also comes with a pocket at the back for extra storage of his favorite beef jerky as well as a hole on top for easy access of the leash. You can even easily pair this up with a premium pet collar to attain a posh look!

Our Everyday Hoodie in Charcoal Grey, featuring Angus


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