Large Gift Box – “It’s a Boy” Hoodie & “Let’s Avocuddle” Jumper with Classic Collar & Leash Set in Midnight Blue



Don’t take your pup for granted – It’s time for you to give thanks for all the pawsitive moments they bring to your life!

Reward your pup by making sure they have the best look this fall ? ?

This box of joy consists of two of our signature apparel – “It’s a Boy!” Hoodie & “Let’s Avocuddle” Jumper, together with our Classic Collar and Leash set in Midnight Blue at 30% off its original price!
*Complementary chew toy ? as a nice surprise for your pup! 

“Let’s Avocuddle” Jumper
Inspired by Sunday morning cravings. Fleece on the inside and cotton on the outside. This jumper keeps your pup warm while maintaining style and flexibility at the same time, not to mention the extra cute ? embroidery patch.

“It’s a Boy!” Hoodie
Featuring baby blue versatile striped print, this hoodie is comfy, casual and effortlessly chic! Not only perfect for outerwear but also comfortable enough to be your go-to PJs on cold winter nights.

Classic Collar and Leash in Midnight Blue
Soft to the touch with a velvety surface and built to last, each Nubuck top-grain leather collar and leash set is accented perfectly by champagne gold stainless steel clasps and buckles with a matte finish. Not only are the metals corrosion resistant, they are also extremely durable.

Leather Care Instructions

  • Brush away surface dirt and dust using a nubuck brush
  • Avoid excessive exposure to moisture to avoid discoloration
  • We recommend applying nubuck waterproof spray on the surface, which helps make the leather more water resistant when used in damp environment

*All gift boxes and items on sale are not eligible for exchange and return unless defected