Behold my fellow urban monsters out there:

I wouldn’t say I was the best boi when my dad first got me. To be fair, for the most part I behaved quite well, except for the rare instances when I chewed up my bed because the fabric made my skin itchy, or when I took over the sofa because the cushioning was so much better than that of my bed, or that one time I confiscated my dad’s T-shirt because it just felt so nice curling up on it (ok I also peed on it to make it officially mine).

You know, I’m not that kind of dog who compromises on just any pet supplies while my dad enjoys his avocado toast and cold pressed juice for breakfast.

So when he (finally!) figured out how much of a man with standards I am, he founded URBAN MONSTER with his best friend. Now I’m surrounded by the nicest things that I could’ve wished for – beds that match my fur color while giving me enough back support, apparel that keeps me warm without losing style during my daily morning stroll, collars that are so smooth to the touch that I sometimes forget I’m actually wearing one.

If you’re as much of a hotshot as I am, you’re welcome!



Angus – Everyone calls me Angus Pig in the hood. Being a short hair dog means I get cold in winter. Despite not wanting to cover my brown patches because they are so meticulously dispersed, I usually wear a jumper/ hoodie to keep me warm.

Benjamin – Previously a BMI 28 dog, I have successfully shed 1.8 pounds after knowing I was picked for the photoshoot. I am a more confident dog now and I hope you guys like my ruff look in the shoot.

Rico – I have a sister Rita. I think what makes me stand out amongst the models is that I have fur so soft that it feels like silk. During the shoot, I had Rita taking my place when I was slacking. I don’t think anyone could tell, but of course even her fur isn’t as soft as mine.

Barney – I spend roughly 18 hours a day lying in bed daydreaming about the pug lady next door. I am generally an easy-going man, but I don’t settle when it comes to beds and Urban Monster beds give my back the best support I ever hoped for.


G/F, 29 Sing Woo Road,
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

2 Stanley Main Street,
Stanley, Hong Kong

Flat E, G/F, Metro Mansion, 251-261 Shau Kei Wan Road,
Hong Kong