8 Languages of Love (Dogs Only)

We all say dogs have unconditional love for humans. But let’s be honest – no matter how strong the bond you have with your pup, there are still moments of doubt, whether it be him ignoring your command and running straight to your bestie because she is holding a beef jerky, or him choosing to cuddle with your significant other. It’s just nice to have some reassurance from time to time.

While it may not seem reassuring at first, we’d encourage you not to jump to conclusion as they might be doing everything they can to express how much he adores you. You just need to look for the right signs!

Ever wonder why your pup always brings you the worn out teddy he snuggles up at night when he sees you come home from work? You might interpret this as him not so subtly demanding playtime, but actually what he’s trying to do is to share with you his favourite thing in the world, only hoping you are going to like it as much as he does. Sharing is caring!

This means gazing into your eyes, giving you direct eye contact! (Disclaimer: We do not encourage any form of stare contest with your pup, as it may confuse him and cause distress) So why is having eye contact so important? Research has shown that both your body and your pup’s release a hormone called Oxytocin aka the love hormone when you make eye contact (side note: one of the crucial hormones that helps with the bonding between a mother and her baby) The hormone gives you this warm fuzzy feelings which enhance trust, empathy and attachment etc. It is essential when building an emotional bond.

It is one of those behaviours we probably shouldn’t encourage, and best correct when your pup is still young (and small). After all, being pounced on by a 120 pound dog might not be the most ideal way of greeting. Despite the risk of being toppled over, a lot of us still secretly like coming home to our dogs jumping up and wagging their tails. It is just the warmest welcome possible and a sure sign your pup is excited to see you. He’s so happy that he simply can‘t contain the excitement. Jumping is also a way of them trying to gain proximity to you. Don’t we all like to be closer to things we adore?

I am talking about those wet sloppy kisses your pup gives you the moment you enter the room. Licking is a form of grooming that dogs do to one another. It’s also a major bonding activity for them to show love and affection.

Is your pup one of those that are attached to their owners? Being your shadow is one of the signs your pup wants your attention and enjoys spending time with you. Dogs are social animals, and you are the one that your dog wants to socialise with.

These are dead giveaways your pup loves you despite all his other “ambiguous” behaviour. Just like their ancestors – wolves, dogs are pack animals and prefer to huddle up at night when sleeping, since they are most defenceless and vulnerable at sleep in a natural environment. Next time when your pup sneaks into your bed and tries to snuggle with you, it is time to stop doubting your pup’s love for you as he feels the safest when he’s around you.

When your dog nuzzles you with his nose or gently nudges you with his head against your lap, make sure you reassure him by gently petting him on his back. It’s because nuzzling is a way your pup expresses his affection towards you. By doing so, they are not only hoping to be closer to you, but also touched by you.

Who doesn’t like a good belly rub? When your pup rolls on his back, giving you the full access to the area, chances are he is asking for a belly rub. This position shows a high degree of trust. Just like humans, you probably won’t be exposing your weaknesses unless there is a good understanding that the other person won’t hurt you.

See whether he yawns when you do! Scientists believe yawning shows the capacity of one having empathy, and research has shown that yawning is not only contagious among humans, but also among dogs. This signifies emotional bonds could exist between dogs and humans. Isn’t this amazing news? Next time, when your pup picks up your yawn and reciprocates, you know it’s not simply because they want to stretch their jaws or are bored hanging out with you.


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